Community Behavioral Health Training Center

1333 Willow Pass Road, Suite 102, Concord, California 94520

Joty K. Sikand, Psy.D.


R.K. Janmeja Singh, Ph.D. “Meji”

Chief Training Consultant


Thanks to the following persons who created the insignia:

      Alex Sanchez, Psy.D.  sketched it and did the graphics.

      Laura Basha, Ph.D. created the artwork.

The Training Center Insignia signifies the Cosmic Self that includes the five elements that make this universe: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky (space). Humans are a minuscule integrative part of this Cosmic Self.  Our Haumain Individual Self is to experience our wonderful Cosmic Creation and Creatures in it, lovingly serve it and not to separate ourselves from it and not to exploit or destroy it and not to use its inhabitants for our personal gain.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and Historical context.
  2. Orientation to Community Behavioral Health Training Center

          Clinical Assessment


          Community Behavioral Consultation

          Developing Programs to Deal with Life Transitions.

          Developing Self Help Peer Consultation Groups

          Supervisory Process

          Administration of Community Behavioral Health Services

  3. Training Methods

          Didactic Seminars

          Preceptor Groups

          Learning Materials


  4. Program Description


          Training Participants

          Training Availability

  5. Training Programs

          Track – I – clinical Foundations

          Track – II – Promotion of Behavioral Health and Prevention

          Track – III- Research and Program Evaluation

          Track – IV – community Behavioral Health Administration

          Track – V – services for Developmentally Disabled

          Track – V – Community Psychiatry

  6. Course Workshops Already Conducted.

          Track -I- Clinical Foundations

          Course 1-I Clinical Interview and Intake Evaluation

                   Course I-2 Psychodynamic Interactional Psychotherapy

                   Course I-3 Personality Development and…

          Track – II- Promotion of Behavioral Health

                   Course – -II- 1 Public Health Approach ….

          Track – IV – Community Behavioral Health Services Administration

                   Course IV-1 Developing A Peer Consultation Group

                   Course IV- 3 Supervisory Process

                   Course IV- 4 Administration and Program Management

  7. Training Consultants

          Joty K. Sikand, Psy.D., Director

          R.K. Janmeja Singh, P.D. “Meji”, Chief Training consultant

          Chris Celio, Psy.D.

          Satbir Singh, M.D.

          Pooja Roopani

          Alex Sanchez

          Monica Sunzeri, BCBA

          Leslie Miao, M.S.

          Courtney Meir, Psy.D.

          Preet Sabhrwal, Psy.D.

          Keith Barnes, Psy.D.

          Edna Olivia S Gomez, Psy.D.

  8. Contact Person: Clara Matta, Registrar