• Historically the development of civilization
    is based on conquests, exploitation and plundering of natural and human resources for the benefit of those who had power. This needs to be replaced by Love, recognition of Spiritual Unity and inter-dependence of all beings and all things in this universe. We are in it together. The universe is run according to Divine Order. We need to understand the underlying laws and processes instead of making punitive value judgments.

    All the spiritual guides of all religions throughout history has given the same message of love, spiritual unity, forgiveness, charity and self less service of the persons in need. Therefore, one has to be quite vigilant about the religious or political leaders who use hateful language or excite hatred against other people or countries.

    The spiritual persons have a common purpose of striving toward personal transformation and then contribute toward the betterment of human condition on this planet.

    In the age of globalization the national borders could be conceived as Administrative Units. Within these units the responsibilities of Politicians, Religious Leaders, Media, Academic Institutions and Governments at national, provincial and local levels is to preserve and develop natural resources, to provide safety and create opportunities for universal health care, educational opportunities for all and provide for at least the minimum needs for food and shelter. The ruling class should work for the people’s interest instead of receiving bribes from lobbyists or being influenced by special interests or religious bodies.

    Internationally replace the Paranoid Culture based on power manipulation by developing skills to learn to collaborate and peaceful methods of conflict resolution. Already there are international institutions for peace and justice. All we need to do is to learn new skills and have motivation to achieve our goal of Peace and enjoy the love and beauty that is all around us.

    You may have a totally different point of view than what I have expressed above. Instead of arguing and trying to convince each other of our respective positions we need to learn a different way. I need to be totally invested in compassionately understanding where you are coming from; your frame of reference and your facts. Ask questions instead of arguing my position. Then in return you can ask questions to compassionately understand where I am coming from; what is my frame of reference and what are my facts that are the basis of my position. To do that we need to be detached from our positions. We need to replace the current model of political power manipulation with rational problem solving model. Promoting personal, party agenda or religious positions are positively destructive.