one has to have a personal transformation otherwise one is just a cogwheel in the socio-political and economic machine. Therefore, the psycho-spiritual growth of the individual is essential. You can read the psycho-spiritual growth efforts under that heading on this website. Here are some of the efforts made to foster psychological well being.Through my practice as a clinical psychologist, developing preventive programs and providing organizational development consultation and Management Problem Solving Skills I learned the one most important thing that was the core of my practice, that is, to detach my self from my Haumain experience and the unconditional acceptance of my patient or a conultee. They create their psychological reality in relationship to me I do not react nor do I make punitive value judgments nor give advice by using my authority as an expert thus creating a completely supportive environment in which the person can re-experience their pain and through my “empathetic exploration” enable them to learn new and more productive ways to resolve their pain.This is a non-power oriented paradigm to bring about change. The basis of this is love and genuine investment in the well being of the other. The theory and practice provide skills to achieve the loving objective. It is a totally different paradigm than the paradigm of modern civilization based on judgment, anger, punishment and exploitation of others for personal, patriotic or religious agenda.