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    • R.K. Janmeja Singh, PhD.
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      This book is a treasury of Sikh scriptures, history, and stories assembled by R.K. Janmeja Singh. who lectures widely to the Sikh community in the United States and is President of the Ik Onkar Peace Foundation. He is the Chief Psychologist at the Portia Bell Hume Center in Concord, California.

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    • R.K. Janmeja Singh, PhD.
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      This is a psycho-spiritual journey of a man who experienced the ecstasy of love and the frustrations of love but could not sustain the love relationship. In the process he discovered that loving is to detach one self from one's Haumain* experience and listen to the other person with compassion and detachment from one's own history to understand the impact of their personal histories in the context of the history of our civilization that caused them pain and suffering.

    • Gurnam S.S. Brard (2007)
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      This is a must-read for the parents of children who have not experienced the village life in order to understand Punjabi literature, music, spiritual writings of Sufis and Sikh Gurus and the history of Punjab. It will help you understand what makes a Punjabi a great sportsman, warrior and liberal thinker. The Maharaja of Patiala hails from his village in Mehraj.

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    • Community Mental Health Consultation and Crisis Intervention
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