This is a psycho-spiritual journey of a man who experienced the ecstasy of love and the frustrations of love but could not sustain the love relationship. In the process he discovered that loving is to detach one self from one’s Haumain* experience and listen to the other person with compassion and detachment from one’s own history to understand the impact of their personal histories in the context of the history of our civilization that caused them pain and suffering. It is the nature of the resolution of this pain that reflects in our manifest behaviorRecognizing the mystery of life makes us humble and our feeling of knowing may be misguiding us. Throughout the human history we have suffered in our interpersonal relationships and have caused immense suffering to each other’s communities and nations.  A deeper understanding beyond the manifest behavior heals our pain and brings us closer to each other and liberates us from our painful past. To accomplish this requires being non-judgmental and non reactive with unconditional commitment to 

the loving relationship. Such liberation brings peace within and harmony with the world around us. We need to learn to listen compassionately with detachment to our Haumain experience at interpersonal, organizational, national and international levels to understand our individual, religious and socio-political differences. 

In his journey Rishi experiences conflict at inter-personal, organizational and international political levels and comes up with different solutions then he had been accustomed to in the beginning of his journey. There is a subliminal text of Homeless people who are left outside of our consciousness and they remind us of the vagaries of our civilization and shed a different light on our “civilized” pursuits.

*Haumain is a Punjabi word. It literally means “I am”. It is “I am” consciousness that experiences life. Attachment to this experience is the cause of all suffering. The other consciousness is the Divine Cosmic Naam consciousness that makes us experience ourselves as a part of the whole universe which is run in a Divine Order realizing this the sense of duality is alleviated. The conflict between Naam consciousness and Haumain consciousness and its consequences become clear in this play.